bioTo understand the essence of Rachel Grant’s paintings is to understand the artist herself.

Showing a creative bent from the age of five on, Rachel began sculpting, painting and fabricating collages. She went on to study pastel, collage, fabric design, watercolor and acrylic painting in Santa Fe and Abiquiu, New Mexico as well as at the Athenaeum in San Diego and the Mendocino and Sedona Art Centers.

Rachel earned her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and maintained a private practice as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles for 16 years.

As a means of self-healing after the loss of her beloved brother Daniel, Rachel began to create a series of mixed media paintings and called them Soul Impressions, which were showcased in several galleries in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The need to express herself was personal and deep. “As a psychotherapist, I assist in healing others,” says Grant. “As an artist, I heal myself.”

Rachel’s graceful, luminescent abstractions communicate themes of nature and humanity through the use of a vibrant palette and multi-dimensional colors and texture. She employs the use of mixed media, combining watercolors, acrylics, fabrics and a variety of textures.

A few years after moving to San Diego, Rachel had a life-altering experience: she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and underwent surgeries and extensive treatment. She bravely powered through that and came out the other side in good health today. She is grateful for her blessings, and continues to create art to satisfy her soul.